What to get your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

20 gift ideas for the special man in your life:

1: Shaving Kits- This has got to be the #1 gift. Body wash kits are great as well. He will love it!

2: Tools- A Guy can never have to many! I’m sure someone at your local hardware store can help you choose if your unsure.

3: Video Games/Assessories- ←Pretty much explains it’s self! I’m sure your man has already been begging for a new game!

4: PARTY ANIMAL-Miller High Life Beer Pouch Hoodie, http://www.wearyourbeer.com only $39.95!!!
Perfect hoodie for your party animal!


5. Romantic Dinner- Cook your man something he loves!
Don’t forget desert! Chocolate dipped strawberrys are very romantic and sexy!

6. Playlist/CD- Music always sets the mood! Make a CD or a Playlists of all the songs you two listen too.

7. Lids- Get your man a gift card to Lids. Lids is a hat store! They have all kinds of hats and sizes. Let him sport the teams he loves!

8. Cologne- Men love to smell good, Just like we do.

9. Jewelry- Watches are always a perfect gift. He will always be on time!

These can be customized just for your man!


10. Sports Tickets- Men love sports! Get 2 tickets to one his favorite games.

11. Shoes- Get him that nice pair of Jordan’s he’s wanted for awhile

12. Liquor Gift Boxes- These are great. I’ve seen some that come with his favorite liquor and two glasses with it! These are really cool.

13. Bedroom Makeover- Surprise your man with a sexy bedroom makeover for a night in. Candles, flower peddles, sexy games and slow music!
Don’t forget to wear something sexy!

14. TV/DVD- Get him a season of his favorite TV shows or his favorite movies.

15. IPod/Mp3- Music is something everyone likes. Buy him one and put music on it for him.

16. Gadgets or Electronics- Any Gadget/ Electronic your man wants to make his life a easier.

17. Card- write something special from your heart inside the card. This is truly something special.

18.Hobbies Gifts- If your man is into sports, a Jersey would be good. If he loves to workout, a bike would be great. If your man loves to hunt, a pocket knife will be excellent. Whatever he likes to do, help him do it!

19. Man Cave- Get him something that will go perfect in his man cave. Neon light signs, Bar stools, Pool table or a Dart boards. Whatever he needs to make it complete!

20. Surround Sound- That big screen he bought just isn’t complete. Let him feel like he’s at the movies all the time!

Thank you for reading my blog!

I hope this has helped you decide what to get your man for Valentine’s Day!

I also wrote a blog for all the men to help you decide what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day!


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