What to get your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?


1. Flowers – Women love flowers! Roses always work perfect!

2. Candy/Chocolate heart boxes – Won’t be hard to find on Valentine’s Day or before!

3. Jewelry – Spirit lockets are beautiful and she will love you for customizing it to whatever way you want! Diamonds work too.


4. A Playlist or a CD-
Songs the two of you can listen too!

5. Handwritten card – This is always a must have!

6. Romantic Dinner and a Movie-
Make sure you take her somewhere special.

7. Scrapbook – A book of memories and photos of eachother.

8. Bedroom Makeover-
Candles, flowers, and new silky sheets will sweep her off her feet!

9. Teddy bear – Always a classic. (The bigger the better)

10. Your time – Cancel your guy time to just hang out with her and tell her
how much you love her.

11. Perfume-Girls love to smell good!

12. Lingerie-Perfect gift she will enjoy and of course one you will too 🙂

13. Wine- Pink Moscato is really tasty!

14. A Book- I hear that Fifty Shades of Gray is a good read

15. Make up kits- All woman love to feel and look pretty. Go to Sephora and show them a good picture of your woman…they will know what to colors and brands to choose!


16. Cupcakes- Cupcakes are better then cake! Make them yourself if you can or order them. Either way she will love them.

17. IPod- This should be 2 gifts in one. Not only is the iPod a gift but the music you put on it will be another. This goes hand in hand with number 4!

18. SPA Day- This is one of my favorites! Get her a gift card for a Spa Day for her to get pampered!
Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair cuts, Styles and Color.

19. Jewelry in Candles- A candle with jewelry Inside it. You can find these online.

20. Gadgets or Electronics- Get your girl that new cell phone, laptop, iPod or iPad she’s wanted.

THANK YOU for reading my blog!

You should never feel “stuck” on Valentine’s Day and I hope this helps you decide. These gifts all range in price, but none of these are better then the other. She will love whatever you choose

Stay tuned ladies!

I will write a blog for us women on what to get the wonderful man in our lives!


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