Reasons Why I Love Spirit Lockets

“The first time I seen Spirit             Lockets I fell in love”

I am an PROUD Affiliate for Spirit Lockets!!

1. Affordable- Yes, unimaginable, I know. But Here’s where you save money. Buy a locket and a chain. RIGHT THERE IS WHERE you save money. You can buy different charms for different occasions, for different days, to match your outfit. Easy as that. All kinds of charms. YOU CANT DO THAT WITH ANY REGULAR NECKLACE OR BRACELET!!

2. The wonderful money making programs- The Affiliate program through Spirit Lockets is AMAZING. 35% commission on whatever you can sell, Just by just copying and pasting your affilate ID. Another perk for the Affiliate Program is if you can get people to sign up as Sub-Affiliates under your other Affilate ID (You get 2, one for buyers and one for you to sign others up) then you will make a profit when a sub-affiliate makes a SALE! ITS THAT SIMPLE.

3. Websites- You can share you AFFILIATE ID on your own websites.YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE ECT..You can even share links and banners that are provided to you by Spirit Lockets. You can even make different channel’s to use so you know exactly what banner helped you out the most. IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

Here’s a link to get you started.

4. Whole-Sale Distributor- Another Opportunity to make $$$. LEARN MORE HERE!

5. The Lockets- The Lockets are so beautiful. The ways to customize these Lockets and Locket bracelets are ENDLESS!


6. BOHO- Boho bracelets are also VERY beautiful! Only $7.00 USD!!!

7. Gifts- Spirit Lockets make a great gift for any occasion. Check out my other blogs for a list of holidays these are perfect for. Valentine’s Day is coming up…Did you get the person you love a SPIRIT LOCKET yet? NO? Well here’s where.

8. Pride and Spirit- Support the teams you love at your school!
Do you love football? Do you love soccor? How about Cheerleading? Support your teams and wear those special school colors always!!!

9. GREAT Customer Service- Unlike Spirit Locket’s competitors (Origami Owl)
They have GREAT service!

10. Make Money At Home- As you seen above you can make money in the comfort of your own home. Which is why these Affiliate Jobs are GREAT for virtually anyone!

Now that I’ve wrote this blog all of you, You can
HELP ME make my sales!!



Thank you for reading my blog!!

❤ Love, Lizzie


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